Welcome to Senior Center of West Seattle!

The Senior Center of West Seattle is a multi-purpose center where older adults may come together to fulfill many of their social, physical, and intellectual needs.  It exists to encourage expanding interests,  tap  potential, and develop their talents.  The Center is also a bridge – a broad, two-way bridge – linking the loose knit senior community at large.

Mission Statement

The Senior Center of West Seattle strives to promote independence and life enjoyment by providing access to medical/legal services, community housing resources, lifelong learning opportunities and social events to keep seniors engaged in our community.

The Center offers  a wide variety of programs, events and activities.  Visit our Events Calendar or go to the Services or Activities sections above and scroll through the different pages for events, activities, programs and classes.  If you’d like to see us offer something not listed, please contact our Program/Activities Coordinator at 206.932.4044 ext. 3

Age of Love

The Senior Center of West Seattle is hosting a free screening of the movie “Age of Love,” a documentary that follows the adventures of 30 seniors who sign up for a first-of-its-kind Speed Dating event exclusively for 70 to 90 year olds.

People of all ages are invited to join us on Thursday, February 9 at 2 pm for this free screening. 4217 SW Oregon St. Call (206) 932 4044 x1 to register. This screening is sponsored by Senior Care Coalition.

End of Year Fundraising Campaign

From mid-November to the end of December we ran our 2016 Year End fundraising campaign. Each day, is thrilling to open up your donations and see how close we are to the goal. Thanks to our wonderful members and fantastic community, our campaign has been very successful. Our goal was $20,000 and we raised $28,179. What a generous community we are all a part of.

Thank you immensely for your donations throughout the year and all of your support.

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Downsizing? Remember to donate reusable items ie kitchenware, tools, knickknacks, jewelry, linens, furniture, home decorations, clothing & accessories to the Senior Centers Stop‘n Shop.
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