$100,000 Legacy Gift from Adah & Earl Cruzen

by: Lyle Evans, Executive Director

Last month the Center was approached by a member of the community who asked what the Center needed in order to continue and enhance operations. I provided a wish list, not knowing the impact that list would have. About three weeks later, Adah Cruzen invited me to her home for lunch. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Adah, she is a lovely, unassuming woman with a gigantic heart and a very sweet demeanor. Many in West Seattle know and love her. Many also knew her husband, Earl Cruzen, the “Father” of Murals of West Seattle and local community leader. Adah talked about how Earl cared so much about West Seattle and wanted to leave a legacy gift to ensure the Senior Center was taken care of.

Adah beamed when she talked about her love of the Ukulele group and how she loves eating in the Café. She asked me how she could best support the Center. “What’s at the top of your wish list?” she asked. We then discussed the importance of our Westside Friends outreach program that helps homebound elders, as well asthe importance of good food to those who may have their single most nutritious meal of the day here at the Center. Additionally, we discussed support for our many health and wellness programs, infrastructure improvements, new computers for staff, as well implementing a Point of Sale system to enhance existing services.

Our conversation included how vitally important it is to
keep elders active in order for them to remain healthy, funding of the newsletter, and a commercial ice machine. We discussed how Hatten Hall needs improvement in order to bring more large groups into the Center,and how community is built one person at a time. This list was meant to be a partial
list of items that the Center needs. I was overcome with emotion when Adah said she would fund everything we’d talked about with a legacy gift of $100,000!

We at the Center envisioned a day when we could expand physical space, programs, and outreach to welcome more of the people who need us the most. We want to become even more vibrant and more essential to those we serve, to do what we do better and grander. Earl and Adah Cruzen’s gift can help make that vision a reality. Thank you, Adah and Earl for your most generous support! We appreciate it enormously.

Followup: A small gratitude party in honor of Adah’s generous gift was held on Tuesday, July 10, 2018. The Ukulele Group came to play as the entertainment,especially for Adah.    Check out the article: Westside Seattle Article; Adah Cruzen Shines Her Light Again

Future Entrepreneur Philanthropists!


Future Entrepreneur Philanthropists!

Senior Center of West Seattle
Published by Cherie Schumacher · May 17 at 7:02pm

These two wonderful kids had a lemonade stand over the weekend and made $86. They decided that they’d each get a third of the income from their sales and that they’d donate the remaining third to the Senior Center. Thank you both so much, Nate and Everett, for your generosity!

Also, Nate’s older brother, Theo, has played piano here at lunch, and his father, Scott, is one of our outreach volunteers. So thanks to the rest of the family as well!

Non Profit of the Year!

2018 Westside Award – Not For Profit of the Year!

Senior Center of West Seattle staff and board members posing for a photo with West Seattle Chamber of Commerce representatives at their 2018 Annual Westside Awards Breakfast. We are so honored to be this year’s recipient of the Not-for-Profit of the Year Award! Thank you, West Seattle Chamber of Commerce, for this inspiring acknowledgement. We appreciate it so very much!


Toni’s Tips

If you are currently on Medicare and are thinking about changing your Medicare plan or adding coverage, or if you are turning 65 soon and want to sign up for Medicare, there are some important dates coming up that you will want to remember. Open enrollment for Medicare this year is October 4 to December 4.

There are several ways you can sign up or receive advice and assistance during this period. One is to go to the official Medicare website, which is www.medicare.gov. Another way is to contact SHIBA, a program of the State of Washington Office of the Insurance Commissioner. Their phone number is (800) 562-6900 or you can reach them through www.insurance.wa.gov. SHIBA volunteers are trained to assist with free, unbiased, and confidential information about all aspects of Medicare.

In addition, the Senior Center of West Seattle has a SHIBA volunteer the first Tuesday of every month. Appointments are limited, and you must sign up in advance by calling our
front desk. Or, come to a Medicare 101 Workshop provided by Medicare Specialist, Ann-Marie Murray.

If you are low-income, Holly or Toni may be able to help you apply for a program that will pay your Medicare premiums. Medicare is a complex program and Medicare recipients have many decisions to make about the various plans. We want to help you make the decisions that will best meet your needs!
Holly (206) 932-4044 x2 or Toni (206) 932-4044 x9.