Fundraising Campaigns


With nearly 300,000 seniors living in King County (a population that is expected to continue growing in the coming years), there has never been a bigger demand for our services.  

As a 501(c)3 (23-7155008), we rely heavily on the support of our community to meet our mission and the needs of the seniors who rely on us. When you support the Senior Center of West Seattle, you can rest assured that your financial support is benefiting your neighbors.  

To reach our financial goals, we offer a number of fundraising events and opportunities throughout the year. Below, you can find a little information about each campaign. Be sure to check back often for updates on our fundraising efforts.  

End of the Year Campaign  

The vast majority of philanthropic giving in the United States occurs during the final two months. Our End of the Year Campaign launches with a Donor Thank-a-Thon, continues through Giving Tuesday and ends on December 31st at 11:59 pm.  

Annual Breakfast  

Our largest fundraising event of the year. The Annual Breakfast serves as an opportunity to gather with our community, share major milestones, and outline the road ahead in a fun, experience-based environment.  

House Parties  

House Parties are in-home fundraising events hosted by supporters of the Senior Center of West Seattle. Utilizing a toolkit and pre-built invitation, guests attend a casual event focused on raising funds for the center in a relaxed environment. Interested in hosting an event? Email our Development & Communications Department.  

Monthly Giving  

Even small gifts can make a big impact when coupled with the power of a community. Our Monthly Giving program allows you to select a gift amount that fits your budget. Gifts can be made monthly, quarterly, or twice a year.  

Workplace Giving  

Many corporations and businesses throughout the Puget Sound region match employees’ philanthropic gifts and volunteer hours with a financial gift. For a full list of known Workplace Giving programs, please visit the following page.  

Third Party Fundraising  

Third Party Fundraising is any donation drive or event held on behalf of the Senior Center of West Seattle. These groups work in conjunction with Development and Communications Department. Interested in hosting a Third-Party Fundraising event? Email our Development & Communications Department.  


Rainbow Bingo 

Rainbow Bingo is fun and unique event focused on bringing together the community for an evening of bingo, drinks, and funds raised for the Senior Center of West Seattle. Featuring a rotating theme, this event is hosted on site at the center.  


Intergenerational Exchange  

The Intergenerational Exchange is focused on bringing together individuals from multiple generations. Over dinner and centered around engaging activities, the exchange allows for deep dialogue about aging, generational divides, current events, and more.  

Spring Campaign  

The Spring Campaign is a mail, email, social, and crowdfunding themed campaign focused on raising vital support for the Senior Center of West Seattle.  

Give BIG 

Give BIG, hosted by 501 Commons, is a two day, online giving event. Donors are challenged to make a gift anytime during a 48-hour period.