Meet Fran Zickes

Saturdays are a great day to shop! Especially because you will get to meet Fran! Fran Zickes has been working in our thrift shop for 13 years – and will happily give you exceptional service with a smile! Fran started at the Senior Center working in the Café. She did that for about 6 months before she moved to the shop which she found to be more fun! Fran was retired, and wanted to find something to do with her time – and her husband was volunteering here for Meals On Wheels and roped her in too!

She has worked with 2 shop Managers before Aylene (our current Manager). Fran says Aylene is wonderful to work with; she is so supportive, so dedicated and truly a pleasure to work with. The irony is, that Aylene would use these same words to describe working with Fran. Above all, Fran’s favorite part of volunteering in the shop, is the customers, “I learn a lot from them” she says. Fran loves seeing all the donations – she says she’s not a shopper, but when she shops, it’s at the Stop N’ Shop! “Most of my wardrobe is from here,” says Fran.

Fran was working as a Flight Attendant in 1970, when she was transferred from Chicago to Seattle – click for more of Fran’s story.