Sponsor Spotlight – Row House

Eminem to the Bee Gees: A Space for Intergenerational Exchange

At the crack of dawn, the corner of Oregon and 42nd comes to life. Walking down from nearby apartments and arriving by car and bike from across West Seattle, people enter Row House ready to have a great start to their day. Music ranging from Eminem to the Bee Gees thumps as instructions and words of encouragement fill the air. Rowers work up a sweat and heartbeats elevate. Something else happens: 20-year-olds find themselves rowing alongside members in their 60s, 70s and 80s. This intergenerational exchange is an example of what makes great communities thrive.

Row House opened in the fall of 2019 down the street from the Senior Center. In those pre-pandemic months, it was focused on one thing: building an inclusive, supportive community where people can work out together, pursue their health goals and have some fun. With stay-at-home orders and mandated gym closures, the staff at Row House needed to get creative when COVID hit. Outdoor rowing was born and their community and its reach continued to grow.

Our friends at Row House are more than neighbors— they are tremendous supporters of West Seattle’s senior community. Boasting a membership that is at least half members aged 55+, Row House has worked hard to craft a community where everyone feels like barriers don’t exist.

Row House has supported the Senior Center of West Seattle directly by becoming a corporate sponsor and helping us with cross-promotion to its members. We are grateful to have neighbors like Row House that are so aligned in our mission of promoting health and inclusion for seniors.