Put on Your Dancing Shoes!

The Center is pleased to announce two new social dance classes- Swing I and Waltz I. These classes will be led by one of Seattle’s most in-demand dance instructors, Dean Paton. This
former shortstop abandoned the baseball diamond for the dance hall in 1994, and he’s been dancing ever since.

The Center and Dean are both very excited to bring some partner dancing to West Seattle. Social-style dancing prepares you to dance with multiple partners when you go to dances. “Once you learn some basics, there’s no doubt you’ll get hooked once you see how much fun it can be to glide around the room in the arms of another person,” says Dean.

You won’t want to miss these classes! Dean makes it safe for dancers to screw up, step
on the incorrect foot (including your partner’s), and do the simplest of moves completely
wrong. Dean says, “You get extra credit for making mistakes!”

Dean suggests wearing shoes without sticky soles. Suede or leather soles work best, but even rubber soles or sneakers can work, as long as the bottoms are well worn. Women should avoid spike heels, opting for flats or wider heels of an inch and a half or shorter.

No previous dance experience is necessary to join these classes, nor is a partner. Classes will begin Tuesday, October 3rd and run for six weeks. After a one-week break, another six-week session will begin, concluding before Christmas. Each class lasts one hour. Swing I is at 7p.m. and Waltz I is at 8:15. Sign up early for one or both classes. And put on your dancing shoes!